Organize your life. Say goodbye to forgetness.

The ultimate solution to life organization.

A simple yet powerful app that enables users to check everything in their daily lifes
and make sure they do not miss anything.

Simple Interface

Easily manage and use checklists. Create as many checklists as you want.

Straightforward Controls

Edit checklists within seconds.

Boosted Efficiency

Reminds you to check different things in your life. Ensures you don't forget anything.

Smart Saving

All checklist status are saved automatically. You can quit the app and continue anytime.

Create and Use

Make as many checklists based on your needs.

Check Items

Tick the things done. The status is automatically saved.
When all done, hit the complete button to reset the checklist.

Simple Edits

Edit checklist details and items within seconds.
Add up to 50 items to remind yourself what to do next.